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Global Collaborations: Expanding Businesses through Philippine BPO Alliances

2023 was a year of success, worldwide expansion and business collaboration of the Philippines booming […]

Building a Strong Brand Online in 2024: Strategies for Small Business Owners

Building a Strong Brand Online in 2024: Strategies for Small Business Owners

Welcome to Blueprint Business Solutions, where we unlock the secrets and always aim for success […]

Cebu’s Undisputed Reign in World’s Top 20 Outsourcing Realm Prevails

CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Philippines is one of the front-line countries when it comes to outsourcing […]

What Successful Business Owners Outsource to Virtual Assistants?

Have you ever wonder why successful entrepreneurs can skyrocket success without exhausting much from the […]

What is GDPR and its Impact on Companies?

With the presence of the internet, our lifestyle dramatically shifted to entrusting significant activities online. […]

The Modification of Outsourcing and its Sustainability

Ah, outsourcing. The corporate trend which revolutionized the state of the industry. A contemporary bandwagon […]

Is Wikipedia Credible for Writing Citation and Sourcing?

The emergence of the internet immediately fosters the hallmark of knowledge which became advantageous to […]

Why is New Facebook Algorithm Causing Uproar Among Digital Marketers?

In the world of social media marketing, if one randomly whisper these forbidden words — […]

The Unstoppable Boom of Mobile Development

The stretch of mobile development is growing faster than the mushrooms! This lucrative industry has […]

Why BPO Industry Reigns Despite Course Mismatch Among Professionals?

A decade ago, Philippines experienced the economic turbulence that affected its subordinates and clustering regions. […]

Connecting with Today’s In-Demand Clients

In Sales and Marketing management, the biggest challenge you’ll ever experience is generating conversion rates […]

Terrible Lapses in Remote Staffing

We are living in a generation where remote staffing is the biggest commercial trend in […]

The Outsourcing Boom in Mactan Island, Philippines

The outsourcing boom in the Philippines has become widespread and sophisticated in the past decade […]

A Spectrum of Work Ethics by Generation

A workplace can likely be in shambles if generational diversity rubs the wrong way. The […]

Content Writers as Marketing Innovators

Did you know that the writing industry has become widespread and extremely relevant this year? […]

Remote Staffing as Corporate Paradigm

Believe it or not, it wasn’t so long ago when business works were done usually […]


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