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Save up to 70% Overhead Staffing Cost!

Our packaged solutions and competitive rates fit our clients’ needs without burning a hole in their pockets.

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We are equipped with the right technology, methodology, and Filipino talent to deliver results!

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Remote Staffing for Growth.

Remote Staffing is a way to grow your business without the need for more office space, employees, or costly overhead. We're an outsourced workforce that does everything from customer service and IT support to accounting and marketing.

Risk Management

Through our risk management model, we manage the risks and challenges of online staffing, so you can focus on what you do best—running and growing your company.

Qualified Workforce

With our qualified pool of talents, we'll work with you to vet and qualify the ideal staff or team members for your project and account.

Data Privacy

Our data privacy program helps protect our clients’ data and information safely through the right technologies and standardized confidentiality agreements.


With Blueprint, you have access to the the pool of talents and resources to help scale your business for continued success.

Contact Center

Provide superior customer service, achieve high productivity, and increased sales while enjoying reduced operating costs by outsourcing your business’ contact center with us. Blueprint’s trained and professional agents act as a true extension of your business, providing seamless support with a personal touch when communicating and transacting with your customers and clients.

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Start scaling your business through Blueprint’s A-PLUS staffing solutions. You need to focus all of your effort on the strategic activities and delegate the rest. From saving time and staffing costs to having sanity and peace of mind because you have a trusted highly-skilled person or team who gets the job done - the benefits of hiring Virtual Staff for your team are limited only by your imagination.

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Digital Marketing

No matter what industry you are in, there’s no doubt that Digital Marketing is crucial when it comes to achieving the success of your business. Blueprint’s credible Digital Marketers and Strategists will give you a hand in enabling your business to target and reach your ideal customers, capture new ones, increase revenue and maintain long-lasting growth.

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Design & Development

To get ahead in the digital age, a website is a necessity to reach your communication, marketing, and enterprising goals. Thus, helping your business or organization flourish. To attract visitors, prospective clients, or customers, a highly optimized website that reflects the company or organization's objectives and intentions is imperative. This is only feasible if the website is effectively developed and skillfully designed through and through.The website serves as an accessible facility that communicates with an audience/audiences through compelling content and designs, which generate long-term customer relationships.

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Don’t just take our word for it,
hear what others are saying!

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Over the past two years, Blueprints Solutions has consistently demonstrated their expertise as a BPO vendor. Their unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services, their approach to problem-solving and their seamless integration into our workflow have made them an invaluable partner. I’m grateful for the collaborative and efficient relationship we’ve built, and I highly recommend Blueprints Solutions to any business seeking a reliable and skilled BPO vendor.

Anthony F.

We have been working with Jonah and the Blueprint team for over 4 years now. Their attention to detail and processes to drive our call center operations forward is second to none. We are very impressed with how they have manage to scale and truly integrate into our business. They are accountable to performance and have really created something special.

Christian B.

Chief Operations Officer

I have used this company for about 3 years now. Initially, it was for marketing on all my social media platforms. But when I had problems during and after COVID finding medical staff, this company stepped up and found me qualified nurses & nutritionists who I was able to interview and hire in one week!

Better than any Indeed, better than any admin, and better than any hiring platform here in Houston, Texas.

Blueprint Business is just as their name says, a true business solution. I am Dr. Mary Washington, aka RapperMD, Houston’s First Plant-Based Kidney Specialist.

Dr. Mary Washington

RapperMD, Houston's First Plant-based Kidney Specialist

The workflow guide

Here are our four easy steps that we follow in order to match your business with the best Blueprint talent.

Let’s jump on a call to discuss who you are looking for, your staffing requirements and specifications. As we cater to businesses all over the globe, we are confident to provide you with skilled staff to work on your preferred hours or schedules that are suitable for your business operations.

Leave the staff sourcing to us. From our pool of inhouse talents, we vow to match you with the perfect fit who have the skill set that best suits your business’ needs. A list of suitable candidates for you to select from will be provided for your perusal. To better help you with the decision making, online interviews with the best candidates may be conducted.

After you’ve come up with the decision on who you will hire and/or other services that you will need us to support you with, Blueprint will provide an electronic agreement for you to sign. This document will define pertinent terms of our working agreement including: services provided, expected working hours or deliverables, payment and invoice schedules, etc. Of course, be sure to review the fine print to make sure it is acceptable to you before sending it back to us. You may also review our current pricing matrix here.

You’ve found the right staff for your business and you’ve signed up. Congratulations! Now, what? Take some time to properly onboard your new staff and set them up for success right out of the gate. Start sharing with them your company’s vision, brand guide, how your business operates, etc. Set expectations, goals, and deliverables. While you shouldn’t have to teach your new staff everything, it is highly suggested to provide account specific training whenever possible.


Our commitment to delivering A-PLUS Staffing Solutions for your business does not stop with just providing you with the Blueprint talent to do the legwork. Surefire ways and proactive strategies are observed to ensure our remote staff's continued excellent performance in order to provide the highest levels of service and client satisfaction.

Client Advocate and Satisfaction

Touch base via phone or gather feedback, temperature check, and discuss areas for improvement of remote staff performance and Blueprint’s existing processes

Email confirmation of per item covered in the discussion and schedule of the next session.

Performance Evaluation

Coaching and feedback session with immediate superior.
Discuss performance and areas for improvement;
Tiering upgrades and pay grade status.
Signed Performance Evaluation Sheet for documentation purposes.

Upgrades & Additional Staff

Upgrade of working hours and/or length of Agreement term.

Same process applies for additional staffing needs.