Post Archives for Year: 2017

Cosmopolitan Instagram Marketing

I reckon you have heard about this passage — a picture is worth a thousand […]

Graphic Designer Fashion: The GIFographic Phenomenon

Graphical innovation is unstoppable if that’s what you wanted to hear. There’s a cool head […]

Maximizing Pursuit With Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The widespread of virtual staffing has become prominent following the success of innovation in global […]

Going Social and Professional with LinkedIn

A round of applause for an “all-star” LinkedIn profile you just created. You’ve done a […]

Successful Email Campaign for Digital Marketing

As an online marketing specialist, have you tried running a successful marketing campaign? If you […]

How to Celebrate Holidays’ Spectacularly?

It’s Wednesday’s peak time — probably you’re in the midst of gathering all the leads […]

How to be Proactive in Managing Attrition?

Have you ever lay your hands off on the table and took a minute observing […]

Divine Glitters for Blueprint’s Yuletide Season

We painted hearts out of memories and frosty burning blue. Looking at the sky of […]

Sales Executive for Revenue Summit

A popular adage goes that “walking the talk” is the best way to achieve triumph. […]

Why BPO Industry Reigns Despite Course Mismatch Among Professionals?

A decade ago, Philippines experienced the economic turbulence that affected its subordinates and clustering regions. […]


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