Post Archives for Year: 2018

Blueprint Film Festival & Year-End Gala 2018

Film festivals have always rejoiced the ways in which art and story intersect. But in […]

Blueprint Announces Four Entries for Film Festival

As Blueprint navigates its APLUS platform to the greatest heights, the company announces its first-ever […]

10 Merry Marketing Tips for the Christmas Season

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of the year again. Fairy lights are twinking up […]

The Core Responsibilities of Project Managers

Project managers are often stigmatized as your ‘suit-and-tie in a dashing car’ comrade who often […]

The Thanksgiving Special TREAT

As the dazzling Thanksgiving rolls around, It brings a warm sensation that’s quite profound. Cranberries […]

Blueprint Fangtastic Halloween Affair

When witches are riding, black wolves are howling, the moon laughs and whispers, “let’s celebrate […]

Cebu’s Undisputed Reign in World’s Top 20 Outsourcing Realm Prevails

CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Philippines is one of the front-line countries when it comes to outsourcing […]

How to Survive Creative Drought?

Five holistic tips to refill your creative jar… Working as a creative is genuinely a […]

Blueprint Celebrates its 1st-Year Birthday!

Lapu-lapu City, Philippines (October 9, 2018) — One year ago, a purposeful vision was established. […]

The ‘Inflatable’ Sunday-Stint Adventure at Papa Kits

Adventure is a state of mind. Yes, it is. But in our case, we took […]


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