Staff Types

Administrative Staff

Remote Assistant

From managing your emails and calendar, scheduling appointments, and confirming travel bookings, your Remote Assistant is your only reliable go-to and personal secretary.

Encoder/Data Entry

In need of “The Flash” to manage crucial information in your company database? Our Encoders are keen-to-detail, holds a high level of information tracking accuracy, and expert level typing skills.

Back Office Staff

Our back office staff can provide admin support that can aid the front office operations; they carry out functions according to business needs such as Online product inventory and record maintenance.


Our Researchers exercise both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyzation. Utilizing their research skills, they deliver constructive and logical results behind statistics, analysis, and surveys.

HR Administrator

Our HR Practitioners are trained negotiators and equipped with people skills to deliver HR solutions. They assist you in job applications, orientations, and administering of employee programs, etc.


Set your foot in the legal door with complete backup and obtain assistance from our Paralegals that can draft you with all the regulations and legal articles for your business instillation and procedural practices.

Finance Staff


From encoding day-to-day transactions and managing financial records, purchases, sales invoices and payments, our Bookkeeper gets the job done effectively with utmost confidentiality and accuracy.

Accountant (CPA)

From preparing to analyzing financial reports for company, our CPAs can also audit financial reports in detail for company review and compliance to ensure zero discrepancies in your financial statements.

Contact Center Staff

Sales Executive

Our Sales Executives have extensive experience in outbound and inbound sales and lead generation. Understanding company goals and set forth targets to deliver results and business revenue growth.

Appointment Setter

As prime generator of business revenue, our Appointment Setters can generate a positive impact from prospective clients for your company. They create a professional and quality impression and representation for your business.

Customer Service Representative

Trained in outbound and inbound customer calls and resolving issues under pressure, our CSRs are flexible and quick to handle any type of call according to your nature and scope of business.

Technical Support

Addressing even the complex and technical issues in troubleshooting, configuring system updates, and diagnosing software and/or hardware faults, our IT technicians will keep everything on track and work smart.

IT Helpdesk Officer

Our IT Helpdesk Officers are well equipped in providing user backing and customer service on company-supported application programs, and explain or implement in-depth solutions to your helpdesk tickets and queries.

Chat Support

Our Chat Support staff will save your customer’s time and effort by simply sending in their inquiries and concerns online. Real time solutions will be provided to level up your customer satisfaction and build your trademark values.

Digital Marketing Staff

Web Developer/Designer

Integrating skillful coding and innovative designs using various platforms, our Web Developers/Designers can create your website from scratch based on your ideas, preferences, and goals.

Mobile App Developer

Our Mobile App Developer/Designer team can work with you in converting and creating mobile platforms of your software. Implementing ideas into modern and functioning mobile phone apps.

Online Marketing Specialist

Blueprint’s Online Marketing Specialists will help you cultivate, execute campaigns and run overall marketing efforts such as strategic planning, maintenance, and advertising.

SEO Specialist

Maximize traffic to your website and improve page rank with the help of the experts. Our SEO Specialists can manage flexible tasks in link building and keyword search for organic results.

Social Media Specialist

Achieve superior customer engagement and website traffic by acquiring a tactical Social Media Specialist. Communicating your brand in the right avenues can generate holistic brand recognition and outreach.

Content Writer

Creative and substantial content equates to solid following from clients and consumers. Make use of our Content Writers’ bright minds and talent to effectively communicate and appeal to your target readers.

Graphic Designer/Animator

They ideate, create and innovate visual concepts using advanced applications to inspire, captivate, and build clients’ trust. We communicate ideas through images and videos to to elevate trademark and brand.

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